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  1. Like I said. All I want is Nikos to be fair. You can not possibly even bug into that tree no matter how hard you try. On my screen, I was sitting outside and would stealth because I was actively playing Gambit on another client. My offer is, if Nikos can show you can do it, I will delete all my characters and items on his server. Nikos will always NEVER take fault and say he make a mistake. If he can jail me for something out of my control, then jailed everyone too even if it's a visual bug.
  2. How can you even glitch in that tree? Show me a video Nikos and I will delete all my characters myself. You show your ignorance of this game every time I play on your server. Which is the reason why I rather spent $100 at a bar with my wife on every Friday nights than this server. Does Cartman ring a bell? The last time you banned me for no reason just to find out I was doing something everyone could do too.
  3. I dc' 3 times bc I was multi client and relog. I told you on my screen I was outside of the tree. You said you didn't care if it was a visual bug.
  4. Let me say this one last time and as clear as I can for the stupid people. I told Nikos it was impossible to go into that tree. It must be a visual bug and he says.......HE DOESNT CARE. 1 strike = jail and 2 strike = perma banned all accounts
  5. And I just want Nikos to be fair. There was no way for my farm character to end up where he was as Nikos claimed, but I was still jailed and threaten with perma banned on all my accounts.
  6. Nikos saw my farm character and said he doesn't care if it's a visual bug or if you did it on purpose or not. If you're in an area you're not suppose to be, it's bug abuse. First offense is jail and 2nd offense is every characters on IP is perma banned. Right Nikos?
  7. Remember when you said you don't care about visual bug? and jailed my character and threaten to banned all my accounts. Do you care now? https://ibb.co/M5PF4dt
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