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  1. Hey. The server's pk is booming, but there are no items to farm for. Exc things are not worth the effort when u are +8 already. I think you can easily open BF with the lvl 72 update if you can. BF is a very nice PK zone aswell. Edit: I think the nowcomers wouldn't mind it, the BF items are not way stronger than high class ones and maybe it'd also decrease the price of normal raps,shards etc price. Let me know you thoughts.
  2. gimme items like that pls u'Ll have 1more active player.
  3. u cannot understand that "black market" doesn't rise the price as much as seen and sold on the normal market
  4. The fking KC price is very close to the price NPCs make. TP SC price says a lot about this. U are oversimplicating this. There are way more aspects than that lol.
  5. How come 1gb is 1.5usd now, yet 10ish usd is 4gb when bought for KC? It's not the same and it will never be. The value of kc = the coin in game? LOL.
  6. JESUS. I said the same. When people buy off items from others BY USD not IN GAME CASH the prices won't rise , or rise way less. When shoppers have to get IGC for their USD before buying off items the price rise way faster..
  7. yes but when they buy BY USD the prices won't rise because it doesn't effect the market like when you merch ur raptor for 5gb, shopper buys, 6gb, shopper buys etc etc, it leads to a rise in price.. do u even economy?
  8. yes i do. Obviously there would be less crazy babashopps, less income for the server, but look at what it made with the economy lol. Even tho it's just a game, everything works just as it works in the free market. Masters item price was also connected to this. There were a very few people who could pay the amounth they asked for the Master/70 items, well they were all shoppers or bowl roamers. i started this server with around 7 ppl. Only 2 of us left after 1 week of playing. Think about it how many solo players left if my people left even as a team?
  9. The main problems were: i'd say 50% of newcomers in the first month left because of the MASTER item prices. PEOPLE want to farm for fucking items, and not master. Tradeable KC made babashopping easy peasy; they bought every damn item they needed at any price, made price sky high. I get it u need them dollars, but cmon Banning clans - I think instant banning is not a solution only for noname hackers. Warn them, keep an eye on them. You got enough gms for that. FT fucked up pk every damn day - register or make it even later in the evening Well probably thats all what comes to my mind now, next time take care about these and you'll have 500 at peak for months.
  10. Only babashoppers have +8 sets etc lol no big deal.
  11. EnvyHuN

    Senpai noticed me!

  12. I think it's because he cannot develop the system we want (registering to FT). Probably he could make it 1h later in 5mins tho which i agree with.
  13. schooled? he is just as fking dumb as you are brother. My points raped his on every single aspect.