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  1. same to me, ppl mek +7 +8 i cant heaven make +6 wdf everytime all my stuff fail just rediculous when you see so much ppl having shell+7 or +8 raptor or shard or selfname+8 dont tell me is just about luck fuck off srsly 1 months im farming everyday and i make 2 +7 on one months and i see ppl +8 and full+7 wdf is this shit heaven my team cant make +7 so yeah something wrong with some ppl in server i saw shinley 3 day after i start and him strded 3 day after me the server full+7 ft neck ft belt dual roc but that guys now is banned but why got that items so fast take 3 day got this iitems can talk about others players to just not him so yeah got big probleme about upgrading srsly 1 months im farming and i dont have 10gb on my inn the drop rate about dm is just fucked up yesterday i kill 25 dm before one drop we kill it 12 time again one drop hey suposed more drop of that, rediculous we see the drop rate so low and so much ppl having +7 +8 shell shard or rapy cant undertand why is so hard if i want that hard like that i will go play usko but im not cuz cost fucking 6000$ to have good account and so much hacker there just wasthing money
  2. yeah i was on pt the boss Lesath spawn so we kill it and was my drop and the box got tail Lesath and other shit, droped me a graham when was suposed the tail Lesath so i have one think to said don't go with this clan at all and ppl can said anywaything like we gonna share fuckoff not true at all got no share at all we droped Holy Water of Temple i got no share and the boss Lesath you droped me shit like graham wdf so clan Syndicate is just boulshit srsly.and i was member of this clan....
  3. i think you dont undertand what i mean, me to i have good connection but i from canada so that is a long way between me and server so that software fine other server connection between me and the server knight so that software not just for shitty connection like what you said man is also for the long way you have from the server you can have the best connection but if you stay somewhere and your connection have 10 sec difference between server and you that is not visual bug i no what i mean i play on philipin server fps game and i have 3-4sec of difference with us want i use this software i have the same sec of every players on server anyway you can think anything you want but before said is for shitty connection you need to no more thing about connection my friend.
  4. i am using wtfast link https://www.wtfast.com/ for better connection between me and server and i can see the difference with this bug you just show... you can put it automatic or manuel detection if you put it manuel you need to no where the server is from... so that you need to ask the gm for that..for better connection so try that guys i up that help you i am using on every-game am playing.
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