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  1. Takashi, maybe you should ask a question about buying KC to have an answer ? This team is so retarded...
  2. Selling list: Shell set warrior +8 (except helmet) Self name +8/ javana +8 FT set dual roc PE/ WE Wings of donation https://www.professionalko.com/?page=char&id=iR0bot; Pm me here or on whatsapp: +32474.43.82.28
  3. I know MB for quite a long time now. For me hes not known as a scammer, few months ago he asked me to buy KC for him cause he didnt had money at that moment. Once he had the money to pay me back he gave it to me without further problems.
  4. 14 orcs against 49 humans atm and its been like this for few days now. Can any GM take a look at this topic plz? NT should be supported in circumstances like this.
  5. This is stupid Wendy. If u wanna quit server do it, if u wanna burn your stuff do it, if u wanna sell your char do it, if u wanna join FT dont act like a douchebag.
  6. Looking for offers for the items named above. Pm here or ingame: iR0bot;
  7. Pm me ingame or here if interested. Im looking for 17 gb's
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