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  1. yes he was unpleasant and just saying die noob die noob and he were just running around . Humans didnt even attacked him
  2. damn i look so noob hahaha sometime i look like i do nothing . I think my sh itty computer and lag doesnt help me
  3. I dont really know anyone because i play at us time and most of my clannies are sleeping when i play
  4. shiiiiiiiiiiiit all items i will never have
  5. welcome back timur i saw you online yesterday so you didnt really quit!
  6. Hi , I would like to know if using macro like people say they use its illegal ? Because I was running in cz and i killed a orc then i got pm from a human saying dont touch my orc im farming .
  7. Hi timur , sad to see you leave . I might live longer in cz now !
  8. hi im a new player and would like to join a guild that speaks english or some im a human ! thank you have a nice day Gamertag: LEBOARD
  9. I had to download the patches manually now it works ty
  10. Hi i'm trying to log into the server but it says i need new client . I downloaded patch 1316 and changed it in the option. What i do wrong %
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