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  1. fp bp is never viable unless you have helis.
  2. My vacation is over and I have to go back to the US . I'll be offline in-game but ill be on the forums every once in a while to check on the servers progress. Hopefully it will still be here when I come back in a year. This was one of the best p.servers I ever played on and had such a great time,thank you @nikos32 for that. I'll trade all my items over to a friend that still plays here so nothing will be wasted . Cheers.
  3. this game was always p2w. Its just how it is. Premiums are p2w, trinas are p2w. Scrolls are p2w. Yet all of the legendary players used them.
  4. i dont think it would be spammy in this version of proko...not like everyone will be upgrading shit to +8 all the time,considering that shards and raptors +7 still go for 300+m.
  5. i never saw mini duke bach bish outside of bowl so... edit : also i like the notice when someone makes something +8,but dont think it can be implemented here.
  6. these PAPER mages want to be unkillable lmao...you are PAPER for a reason.If you want to tank rogues,make an int mage with crimson set +7/+8 and stop crying.If it were up to me id remove your dd caps,all you do is go in groups of 16 and throw novas.If anyone can come close,they deserve the np of killing you.So shussh pls. edit: remember in usko when server opens,you didnt have 25 dds,ft sets or donation wings.Rogues were killing you 1-2 hits with mirage daggers.Thats how its supposed to be here.
  7. i think bosses like SQ,HQ,TK,TALOS should be removed from the monster summon scrolls.They defeat the purpose of eslant. I think all other bosses should remain,like bach,duke,bish,lesath,etc...master bosses,which could be solo killed. @nikos32 edit : nevermind I just saw nikos post,its even better. Only master bosses for those who want the quick option to master. Very nice.
  8. people having so many mds +7...i think +8 price for em is gonna be pretty low.
  9. maybe someone got hacked and they destroyed all his items and now they are trying to wipe his NPs. Or he burned his items ;D
  10. Currently 10 iron impacts +7,might go for 15 or so. I'm planning to be the first one with +8 on release .
  11. I said you should go ice if you want MORE damage compared to lightning,not "if you want damage". If you want damage you go fire. Simple. Also,ive been playing ko since 2006,been active member on ko4life since 2009,so you saying "i have never seen you before" doesnt mean shit to me lmao.
  12. I love how you start your post with "i see many philosophs here" and then you write an entire paragraph.Lightning mages were always played as INT mages,as far as I know.No one plays lightning mage for damage.You play it for support/lock (mainly with your staff skill).If you want damage go fire/ice.
  13. Another one with 50 foot reach. Watch to the end when orc bp comes in.
  14. Yesterday i was checking the ban list and i saw rirchy with his king scepters still equiped and im like wth how did this happen,now i know . But really,everyone makes a mistake. Im sure he learned a lot from it and will never ever share with anyone thats not really close to him.
  15. waw kallopz your sarcasm level almost on edupppz level keep it going boiiiiiiiiiii
  16. also how come paper mages can stun at all ?? i thought paper is all about damage,and int is about slowing/stunning.I often vsed a paper mage that kept me literally stunlocked.
  17. same shit...its insanely hard to kill him while he is doing this.
  18. i can just imagine the input lag + playing with a wireless keyboard and mouse.
  19. I agree.Its stupid to not allow people to loot the box after they die,if the boss is theirs.Its just a waste.No one gets the drop.It was always possible to loot the chest even when dead,even on official KO.So why disable it ?
  20. Excellent...finally a patch that makes my hearth warm.
  21. *Do a find the GM event for non-mastered people only (its easy to check if they have any geared chars on their account). *Increase DM droprate (rarely anyone farming them) *Make small bach bish duke spawn outside of bowl sometimes *Keep the 30% exp rate on,all the time. *Modify the green box from bdw (make it drop high class weapons at higher rate) . Is giving someone shard +1 or raptor +1 really going to kill you ? *Increase chitin drop rate now that shells are enabled *Let hyde and antares have a chance of dropping a gold bar,maybe at 1%
  22. I mean,seriously. Mindless running around the bowl hoping something spawns,and thats it. You only do events when the server is full,so geared people get more gear,while noobs can farm cardinals for 15 minutes without being ganked. How the hell are you supposed to "KILL A GM" when there are 20 mages on each side throwing 2x novas constantly. How are you supposed to "CAPTURE THE FLAG" or kill a boss if you have no items ? Start doing some fun events,its not a fckin official KO...find a gm,trivia events,1v1 event for a master item,whatever,something at least. I don't care if nikos gets offended,but this server is boring as fuck.
  23. meh...im tired of trying to prove everything. As i said,make a bp and give it a shot.Your heals and debuffs will get canceled 7/10 times,if you are lucky. I know nikos wont do anything about bps,so,im not going to reply here anymore. Peace.
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