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  1. fp bp is never viable unless you have helis.
  2. i can just imagine the input lag + playing with a wireless keyboard and mouse.
  3. same shit...i burned to +4 with BUS..85%.Sometimes just unlucky.
  4. Step one : Select the amount you would like to donate.Like so ---> Step two : Click on "Buy Now" and window should open saying that your browser is out of date. Right click on that screen and select "Create shortcut". Like so : Step 3 : Minimize the game and open your desktop.There should be a new icon on it,like this one ---> Open the new icon with your regular browser Chrome/Firefox,and continue the process.
  5. whats up with KO players and their horrible taste in music...
  6. "pk movie" running around with 8 mages throwing novas at people leveling >.<
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