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  1. anvil sucks burned 3 shards in a row to +4 and many many other items.to make +7 need to blowjob some1
  2. So i doesnt matter if someone abuse it .ok next time i block my trades..but that doesnt help to fix server community.. these kids will always destroy it
  3. Hello..today my friends was farming DM when suddenly Deruvish Founder was spawned.They started killing it when guys from DieForYou clan came and the Warrior (kristenheitzman) started to trade my friend priest (prister_paisios) many times to steal the drop and kill my friends ... plz take off trade from zones like es-cz or Ban this users that abuse it .. ty P.S no screenshot available cause my friends are new and didnt knew about posting for reports etc.we dont think vengefully we want Justice
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