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  1. i see.. we were thinking that it could be more logic if the logo effect go invi too when you using stealth mode.
  2. @nikos32 As usual when you kill an enemy, you will have a KO's title on your head appear in his screen. But when rogue invi, the title is still appear and moving there like a ghost, obviously bright and big logo is like calling and telling him where are you, so priests / mages can easily catch you even when you're invi. It doesn't make sense, can you please remove it when sin using invi skill?
  3. Dear GM, Im Laughinggorr here, sorry for this few days i've been busy and my pc problem couldn't be solve. Recently my sub account :; were banned due to farming bravery in CZ bowl. But Laughinggorr and :: also get banned too. I can understand you noticed i transfer the bravery to Gorr, Im here to apologize and asking for any option to unban Gorr and :: like delete said illegal bravery farmed etc. Because there are alot items and gbs not belonging to me only, friends and clannie.
  4. @nikos32 I only get 1 Refined Brimstone as reward of Collection Race
  5. Why are you guys keep complaining Gorr and Ngnktn? I feel sad for Gorr and Ngnktn. Everyone discussing about this in csw castle wall and Old school player definitely understand that is not a hack. Come on guys, they don't seem use any third party tools. So many mages get killed and din't make any complaint but you only. Obviously you felt irritate by getting kill only. What is this? This picture showing a mage tp a guy come to kill you. Wasn't from down or under river there. I also sometimes get tp by my mage cos wanna kill you. You think that its a hack? There's alot ppl walkin
  6. no problem Lazykor. (when you dont know how to answer already and need time to figure out, oh damn it how should i answer this)
  7. Hey lazy man, 1) So you consider the respawn time as a BUG? Everyone are free to be odious man not only me, it is so simple and easy to get it, or admit you're lazy man. 2 goblin spawn together because the hunter arranged it. You can easily interrupt them if you not lazy to count the time of spawn. 16 ODIOUS spawn per day, Lexy (me) managed to killed 1 only or even 0 per day average. GM can check IP address. The others not me. It's friend, or friend of friend of friend. And you calling me odious man. Hey you Isiloon man, Ultima man. You made a topic about the issue and im missing,
  8. I really want to cry. Cry for those innocent who farming so hard and who hunt for odious. Some ppl dont understand because they never farm. Their item drop from the sky i think. And those innocent who study hard to record the odious time / respawn location end up ppl say they use BUG. Sorry T.T
  9. @Darakor ohh.. you're not crying but begging for change... hmm.. okay okay. I accept the weird request. But wait, did you just mention it ''BUG''? omg is that hack? Is it like the hacker go to the spot and make a magic show then the odious spawn or what? Please explain more detail without making fake news but if it is true, i will agree you say as a ''BUG'' 2nd, i think you never understand what i mean. I talking about the ppl's effort, who spending so much time farming alot + upgrade for months. And those time and money gonna be wasted totally. (totally means 100%)
  10. @Darakor Ya you were right. Many ppl cry for this ring issue like ppl cry for odious spawn issue. You're not the one right? I guess. Cya i think who cry for odious man
  11. @abett @mindkrash I know bro but many ppl farming hard at ego all day long unlike us. They farm hard, got the frag and exchange, got the ring by very low rate and go to upgrade. And then, not everyone upgrade successful so easy like some ppl. Many farmer burn and burn many times. Then guess what, they got the element ring+1 but the stat low than bdw+0 around 50%.
  12. @abett thanks for the info, 1000 bravery let say 7m (or more abit) each, the bdw ring will be around 80-90gb each. But how about those ppl including me as well who farm like crazy all day at ego for the element ring+1, and spent 180gb+ to buy +1, but bdw ring (90gb only) stat better than all.
  13. Can i ask the quest of bdw ring is easy to complete? If so ( foverin / flame / shio ) + 1 are completely useless now? We spent so many money to bought +1 / upgrade to +1 just very recently. So people will cry if bdw is easy to be done i guess?
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