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  1. many who voted do not play this server anymore. i hope their votes won't be taken into consideration.
  2. keep as it is, but increase hp ac of the crystal, it gets destroyed in 5 secs now.
  3. happy eid and holidays
  4. we managed to take the castle last week even with 5 priests healing the crystal. you simply kill the healers. anyway we will adapt.
  5. here is the new strategy for csw : bring 36 assassins and run for the artifact anyway nice to see u back nikos. i hope felankors will be introduced soon to bring back activity in pk
  6. crying? i made that topic cuz u keep joining events and not healing and playing with ur party on purpose, can you explain why?
  7. +1 bozo. not only bdw, but juraid as well. some ppl like rital disagree cuz they dont play this game for pk,just farm and merchant near orc inn. need a poll about this.
  8. i really don't know what are you talking about. make a topic and report if you see anything illegal. nikos can always check. your post have nothing to do with the topic as usual
  9. We sometimes try to balance PK/events on the request of human clans btw. i can even give you their names. when there is 24 orcs and 6 humans registered, i will go and pk with the opposite nation. this guy is playing his main orc character, not healing on purpose ad laughing at his party losing. you think it is the same case?
  10. Ajaxx this priest keeps joining on orc character on bdw and playing for the opposite nation. He is making orcs lose and he is happy about it in the party chat. he then says it is his freedom to play as he wants and help the opposite nation. Can you do something about it nikos?
  11. shadows

    Last,Hi Guys

    so sad to hear this. i really hope nikos would reconsider, maybe strike1 and 7 days ban? permanent ban is too much for something ppl tought was legal
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