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  1. sad to see u leave the server. take care and stay safe
  2. listen you noob. In clan war the aim is to get as many kills as possible. it is ofc smarter to pick up redballs from the weaker party then turnafterwards to kill the noob tuagra with 3 priests using holy defectors. your clan was trying to kill them as well, wich you did less than us of course because you are a bunch of noobs. we let them get out then came for 8vs8 with the result you know. https://ibb.co/w0hbT2p https://ibb.co/xmqz4Xv you are nothing but a pathetic loser.
  3. Nikos please check all the kills during the last clan war and the time they took place. the tuagra clan, after they were losing, pressed ok and stayed at their base for a couple of mins, knowing excellence had no chance against us with 5 people only to try and make it look like npt. why should griff get banned for getting killed being in a weak party without a single priest? clan war is about getting kills, and everybody can attack everybody. the names are hidden as well. One guy getting banned cuz a party doesn't know how to compete. totally unfair ban.
  4. ah this is when you pressed ok and stayed in town for 2 min to make it look like npt. i have zero respect for a noob party like yours
  5. no dirty victory. it's an open map where everybody attacks everybody. most of our kills came from your clan. Good luck next clan war
  6. https://ibb.co/w0hbT2p https://ibb.co/xmqz4Xv this is the only truth kanka.
  7. chill , you are talking like you won the nobel prize of physics :D we will wait you next clan war with a proper party, i hope you will show up
  8. i did not blame you nor acuse you of cheating or getting gm help. i just came across that footage and didn't know what was happening. Anyway if it's just a visual bug nikos will check and close the topic. no need to make a fuss about it.
  9. i don't want to achieve anything nor intend to flame or whatever. I really do not understand how u guys go through the closed gate. not warriors descenting, but rogues priests also . here is another footage from the same angle with gates open and left gate closing from distance at around 6s. So the gate was 100% closed in the first footage
  10. tamam kanka, ty for the advice.
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