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  1. finally, God listen my request!!! Hi GM_Nikos32 please may you available some capes for 2nd grade clanies please. The new designs are awesome!!! Greetings,
  2. Hi GM_Thanos/GM_Nikos32, I have one complain about the upgrade system of Magic Anvil. My friend and parthner of clan (NICK Zeros) . he reported me the magic Anvil ate all his x6 HB+6 trying to do +7. Also, he commented me all shell+7 and Red Chitin+6 used to upgrade failed too!. So, we thought the upgrade system from Magic Anvil 1st, it is piece of sh1t ---> if you are burning high items before to upgrade your item wished , the success rate should increase and plus if you use Trina (success rate 15% to %25) . From 6 attemtps , one of them should upgrade success. but from 6 attemtp
  3. Hi Nikos32, Please your pay attention with this suggestion from Fermurian. I've never done Isiloon with my clan or party before but I've seen others clannies and Partys doing Isilon and it is sad and lame that isilon drop ROM, ROC, ROL, OPAL earning (low items). you may replace them for imir, flame , shion and foverin rings . I think this would improve the competitive between parties and clannies. Thanks
  4. Hi GM, Please your support with this guy . the moonwalk must forbidden in eslant and other events. he is ONLY waiting for BOSSES like HQ, SQ or Talos . i upload a video like evidency https://drive.google.com/file/d/16ISblAm8ETSiujdVxbsIcEdFsL9C5Iid/view?usp=sharing TY.
  5. hi Bro, I recommend you make hybrid bp + support. Here I attach you my stats when I am hybrid bp. STR 219 INT 128 HP 90 For set weaponn and armor , I recommend you user II+8 or Exc II+8, dual imir ring+1 and mix of 2nd and 3er clothes set +7. I recomend you try to have 3K HP to ensure more. greetings,
  6. ishidax6


    hi toosweet, to put new symbol in cape you have to do the next steps: 1) move a new symbol (*.bmp file) in path C:\ProfessionalKO\symbol_us\ 2) delete the current symbol.bmp file 3) rename the new symbol (*.bmp file) to symbol.bmp 4) In game go to CAPE NPC and check if new symbol appear NOTE: the symbol *.bmp file it is 32x32 pixeles
  7. hi GM_Zoe, yes you have all reason about the Merchant Tokens. For most people , it is hard to be 100% connected to game and to be in merchant because we have another activities to do with the PC and power consume (watts per hour). the number of merchant tokens must be decrease for quest (i.e. Wing of Hero, Wing of God, Wing of war) 18) Reduce the amount of merchant tokens for Wing's quest (from 250 - 150) 19) For Forgotten Temple event, it must reward you with 50 Bravery + 50 PK Stone + 20 Merchant Tokens. The max amount of player it is 75 and the final wave must be versus 03 Vo
  8. taking the ideas from MaDxQ 13) decrease HP of Monster Stone in 15 - 20% 14) decrease the quest of DM, BOORO and Titans from 400 to 255. 15) Nerfear the bosses from Flag's capture event in 10-15% and increase theirs drop rate of good items in 15 ~ 25% 16) the clannies must be formed from 3-4 players from different country 100% active and ONLINE in order to balance the game and events like Caste Siege War and Clan War. to avoid support, advantage and favorithism to certain players and clanies. 17) the Orc Bandic Leader and chaos OBL must drop PB (Platinum Bar) with pro
  9. Hi GM_Zoe, Here I attach you my suggestions in order to support to new and rookie players: 1) increase sucess rate of Magic Anvil (to+5 100% success rate, to +6 --> 35% and to +7 --> 15%) with trina increase 10% success rate 2) Increase drop rate of good items (i.e. Skeleton Belt, Iron Belt, Iron Necklave, Glass Belt, IMIR, Shion , FR) of current bossess in 20 ~ 25% 3) Increase the appearence of princess Lilian in 40 - 50% rate 4) Exchange personal weapon MUST BE free. 5) increase the BONUS of x500 and x1000 in 15% rate 6) Increase drop rate of Booros
  10. re-launch is not the solution !!!! the GMs and Owner of this server must change theirs policy of game and try to fix some issue in game. For example the drop rate of good items it is lower (1% rate) such as the upgrade rate in Anvil that is awfull (from +4 to +5 --> 50% success rate and sometimes from +3 to +4 --> 85% success rate). the CS in Moradon event it started good but then of time it was boried and bosses are the same and drop rate lower. the flag' capture event it is terrible: Talos, TK , HQ and SQ never drop good item in order to enthusiastic people . Other issue that I've obs
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