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  1. Looks like "Scheduled" Bifrost will be every Friday at 16:00 Server time and every Saturday at 22:00 server time... Tomorrow (Or when i will need to be away for work at 16:00) i'll make it start at 14:00
  2. Hi all folks, i am trying to schedule the opening of BF event... Consider that i will open it (manually, so shits may happen) twice a week... Which day/time you think it will be the best?
  3. Winner of the contest will be announced tomorrow, we apologize for the delay
  4. ??? it happens to me too now never happened before, anyway, nikos knows, let him time to fix that
  5. Djuli is muted till this thing will be solved, for the future, call me for such trades, i'll be happy to help you
  6. i have no idea about how things went, so i can't reply to this... nikos' absence wasn't programmed ofc
  7. cause the only one who can lift bans is nikos, and he can't be online right now
  8. Last 3 posts are not related to this, closing to avoid useless flames P.s. Yamamoto or anyone else, feel free to ask for explanations in the right way
  9. i'm sorry, but you have to blame your friend...
  10. GOLDBARSAT GB_SATILIR SnakeQueen GBSATILIRR HUHUUU GBSATILIRRr DeadCooL xL BJK All those chars i've muted were you, trying to sell GBs... Stop playing victim and spamming forum with nonsense, Thanks
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