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  1. Well done cheaters will not be tolerated here. do you have the recordings?
  2. I know I am not so active myself, but I love justice. and if he chose uploading a video of himself, theres gonna be consequences
  3. Just one example out of the many i've seen. Check 14:30, hes attacking Ridley then running back. his bar is going crazy with R's and skills being pressed by the macro, he turns it off like a few seconds later. https://ibb.co/FWSV8pL - his bar is going crazy with "Could not attack.." and "Beginning attack on..." Now that aint CTRL minor my friend. You don't even need the example. if hes using CTRL minor, how come he never misses MP pots on 7th slot while comboing 2 or 3 ppl? Just pay ur attention on the skills and the MP pot, sometimes u can see a skill getting pressed exact
  4. Are you seriously that blind? Or is he a friend of yours? Im far from being toxic, merely telling the truth. If this guy deserved applause I would clap. But this is far from it. And if you think this guy is legit you should reconsider your assasin skills brother. CTRL minor is definetly not what hes using
  5. I understand mate. Anyway, this video contains enough evidence for him to get banned. This guy getting banned will serve justice to all those poor farmers that ever died by this coward. He prevented so many newcomers from playing the server so he truly deserves it. When I vsed him back when he was active, he was about to lose with 50% hp, thats when he decided to use talia+dd... Cant even beat an assasin in vs with a program clicking buttons for him.. I have 0 respect for the guy.
  6. You for real? Nothing to say now? You went over and above accusing me of macroing and after seeing this guy macroing his ass off, this is all you have to say? XD The stupidity is real..
  7. Where are all the macro accusers now? This guy has mp pot on 7 and it looks like he never misses clicking it while comboing at the same time. Now thats suspicious I would love saying "wow bro nice video and great skills" But you obviously have a program clicking all the buttons for you. Its clear as day in the video. Also, step inside bowl and try to take on people who pk not only poor farmers.. KO in 2021, what can you expect?
  8. I am not gonna rule out anything about that guy. But the fact that you burned all your mp spamming minor with full hp, resulted in you missing out the light feet by a few mili-seconds which is probably what got you killed.
  9. I think that an NP reward system is a must if you want to bring more activity to CZ.
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