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  1. I laughed. I guess you are the funniest guy in Gamblers. on a more serious note, nice to see you are accusing someone of being a racist out of nowhere, something I dont like at all. Pathetic behaviour, grow up already
  2. All this talk about racism yet ZERO proofs so far... I am really curious who that player happens to be... because the way it looks right now you guys are just trying to find an excuse to quit the server... and by the looks of it its one hell of a pathetic excuse... If there's racism, you report them and let the GMs handle with it, all you guys do is talk big about issues that aren't there, grow up, play the game, report those that are cheating/flaming or whatever and have fun...
  3. @Lee once again your statements are just empty words with zero facts. And the way you write your sentences make zero sense aswell. you guys ran with 3+ parties and we had 4 parties. You lost even though there was a clear gear advantage and you got butthurt, its as simple as that.
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