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  1. yeah might have to tweak the succes rate a bit . Archer are total garbage 1on1 but they are fun to play in group fights. Might be a bit on the low side damage wise but ive no idea if this can be tweaked ?
  2. Yep as i suggested earlier. Ice/lightning arrow are both needed. 5-3 is fine the way it is , lvl 70 skill dark pursue is fine as well just missing quite a lot for unknown reason and the damage range from it is huge , can land a 700dmg arrow then next 1 is low 400.
  3. Yeah seems to happen more when there's a lot going on. You still wanna take a look nikos? U replyed 7hours ago i was sleeping . If so im ingame atm OneEightNine
  4. Yeah seems to happen more when there's a lot going on. You still wanna take a look nikos? U replyed 7hours ago i was sleeping
  5. Thanks, so it's intended ? Cause i dont feel like archer are OP right now , it could be usefull if it was working like on the sins
  6. Cant confirm it's the case for everybody but me and a friend both had this issue , most annimation arent shown in fights . Pretty much like in BDW , we cant see the castings going on etc. Even get Novas dropped on our head without seeing any effects.
  7. Also weapon enchant scrolls dosnt give any boost on AP ( only 1 actually ) when you wear a bow. Intended or bug?
  8. To me it looks like it's working better if i kinda combo it , like press Dark pursue move to cancel press it again , if i stay standing still and just spaming dark pursue i get a ton of skill failed as well. Kinda weird since by spamming it without moving im not canceling animation and shooting slower. There's something not working properly here it feels weird.
  9. Yeah Me and a friend started late on this server and don't have crazy time to catch up on the best gear, so we both went archer as we think like you said it's easier for new comers/low gear. The ice and lightning arrow would be a great addition to keep the class alive I think. Would like to know what Nikos opinion about this.
  10. Hm , since lvl 72 skill is added to mages and priest. Did u think about adding the Ice/lightning arrow to archers ? Can't remember what level it is but it would be a great add-on to keep archers viable. I'm kinda worried that without at least 1 of those the class will be pretty much dead with the new cap/skills.
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