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  1. https://ibb.co/cCdu9R https://ibb.co/koOaim https://ibb.co/mOfSw6 https://ibb.co/gs8cUR Also they killed me with 20 arrows in 1 second 2 times, while i was near teleport gate.
  2. S > SSE for 10gb PM me in game UFO/ImHungry
  3. Now kill isiloon is impossible. Impossible to make 2-3 full pt in cz. Even humans + orcs Its some unfair for ppl they are still playing here, because they can't get CS. Can You make a small chance for Lesath drop it?
  4. Hell breaker here has low ap. Before i thought that's because here it is mace, but looks it isn't. Its expensive weapon and not so good atm. At +8 always he had 181 ap, no 175. Can You change it?
  5. Recent changes made to the fact that every item is public and very easy to obtain. In this speed, all players will be completely dressed within a month, and consequently will be less often or not at all online. Drop rate for such items as roc / rol / rom, shard / raptor / ii / shells, exc. weapons and master items are too high. It is unjust for people who have spent money / gbs to gear or make master. This is why the server is losing popularity and people are buying less KC. Please do something to make the game more difficult (interesting) and keep the players.