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  1. i sent my programms to you i just have internet problems because of corona virus days in turkey , i banned at moradon today i bought scrolls and got ban. i dont know other programs and dont know names
  2. I wasn't using any illegal program. I have Razer hardware and it's own legal software provides auto attack to monsters. Other sofware I was using is just for using 2 clients at same time, I'm sending it to Admins/GM's from private message to prove that it's not something like koxp. I was just trying it to see its benefit in farm. My main character Acura has full items and my intention wasn't using that softwares to gain advantage agains't other players. I just please you to delete everything gained in my sidechars and unban Acura. I just want to keep playing only with my main character.
  3. ya ne son hamlesi amk satranç mı oynuyoz bir de iki nokta parantez şeklinde gülücük atmış bu ne yapmacıklık arkadaş
  4. It doesnt need. If it happens , assassins are going to be unstoppable. We just need new clans and nikos should support them with goldbars or cashes for starting. ( maybe for 10 members for new teams)
  5. I didnt read his topic , but this man killed me 10 15 times . He is better than full gear assassins. If you dont believe me guys , you can look my signature . I respect you . He is alone and better than some orc clans
  6. its okay i am very old player i played this game 10 years ago and i know i am still good. you talking about pvp server ahahahahaa. i was full+3 and 9 in 2007 on diez server... its not problem for me nikos can remove ctrl minor , if it happens i can play better than ctrl minor players they cant beat me :D. we can vote , if nikos and you want. not problem for me.
  7. Bro i am not your enemy(i say this for apple) btw i will say something. I killed you 5 times when you were full+full assassin and leeroy killed you then you said you are cheater i am not cheater , all people say this to me who killed by me(its about ego i guess...). Somepeople kill me for exampe ohyesohno is a bp and he killed me twice ; i dont know he is but he plays good. Btw i gave my iron neck to blackpride and black killed you 2 times... you can kill me with dd helmet and talia. For example leeroy is hard for me i respect him yeah he has babashop items but he is good player. Its game you can kill or die. I can say 3 players can kill me. Geek ,oxijean(nitricoxide) and huckle. Yea i kill them sometimes but they are better than me. We know play , we just know how to save your mana in versus thats it. Also i have 7297 hp with 2k and lion sc how can anyone kill me easily?
  8. He didnt do anything. He was just trolling.
  9. helal olsun yananlar daha üzücü keşke başka şey geçseymiş
  10. İleride başlangıç itemlarıyla ilgili bir şeyler olacak diye duydum. Bence de belki toplu gelen birliklere bir kc yardımı ile destek olunabilir. Nikos'a gelirsek çok fazla insan yazdığı için geç geridönebiliyor ; bence dediğin olabilecek bir şey. Erken pes ediyormuşsunuz gibi geldi bana dostum
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