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  1. This issue about turkey internet connection I was playing sin and getting this issue against me. Some warriors hit me when i use light feet Your 100 mbps > 100 mbps Thats why some sins hit faster own skills than turkish sins. We can use that potential within the borders of the country, but we may have problems when we use our internet in overseas servers. Sorry for bad english. Do you understand what i mean?
  2. only see gamblers? chooseyourdestiny and smoke clan do that after i got crystal alone ... they didnt opened doors after that and used that bug also i talked with emperor about that and we laughed together. If gamblers do that you all come here and blame us. what happened what changed? aaaa okay noob you werent playing when choose and smoke played. siz kodumun çocukları aynı şeyi başkaları yaparken problem yoktu da biz yapınca mı götünüze pardon gözünüze battı? pardon ya siz o zamanlar csw bile çıkmıyordunuz heralde göt korkusundan gamblers choose ve smoke kapışırken. ulan adamlar sırf isilion
  3. @Aussie omg "Jesus/Allah" they are different men? Seems like working together , interesting
  4. Dude stop talking about my ban ... you know why I got banned? I have never exploited this emotion, but I told nikos the facts, if you want to know the facts, I will send you a doctor report to explain why I was banned on that empty server. Let me explain here too, although it is not necessary because Nikos opened all the ip bans. My psychology wasn't in place because I was dealing with my mom's breast cancer incidents and I was saying fuck life and fuck the game. Now my mother is using her good medicine and under the supervision of a doctor. I was punished; of a mistake I made on the empty ser
  5. Btw there is no bug. All oter clans do this shit. Its Delos Map bug. I got crystal alone 1 2months ago with Rommel char. Because Smoke clan opened the doors and i walked without light feet. Then we lost crystal. Its okay other next weeks they didnt opened castle doors for their mages and i didnt enter there. They used wall jump... Send mail to K2 network pls . Wtf...
  6. https://professionalko.com/?page=char&id=dirtykeke oyunu oynayamayan adam gelip de reluanch demesin abi
  7. Adam serverdaki çoğu insandan daha iyi player beni kesebilmeyi başarmış çoğu kişi başaramıyor
  8. Ödülü alamadım inventory'm dolu olduğu için ilgilenebilirseniz sevinirim. @GM_Thanos @Majesty @nikos32 @GM_Zoe
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