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  1. i can fuck u easy bro . and u gonna cry to nikos check me check my pc HerryHere use cheat bla bla bla. idiot sin with mage
  2. RealNiggaRollCall use my set +7 and my accesories bro . u can see at the photo . and pls stop cry bro . go log and go pk . ENJOY #POPCORN
  3. ok this is funny . hahaha how u can vs ? everytime vs and u reach 50% hp and u will use mage for tp ur self ? hahaha funny sin
  4. dankgaming have a nice trick . best scammer
  5. 😮 still not finished yet this drama haaaaaaaaaa #POPCORN UP !
  6. hahaha running in vs ? have any proof ? Plss Use Real Nick Name In GAME i will show u what is running mean stop cry man i didnt said i'm best sin . u cant read my comment ? funny mal
  7. ahh again new drama go NT and fuck them bro . easy dont take it serius and keep enjoy bro
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