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  2. HAHAHAHAHA . Daddy help mee MB kick me from clan . uwaaaa😂😂🤣🤣
  3. hahaha post the ss pls i want to see what i said to u . hahaha big lier . do u think im a kid to said like that ? hell man . hahahahaha go cry with ur big mama at eslant .
  4. bro . u crying about boss all the time lol . and u always do trade when ppl killing boss . and dont forgot i still have ur priest SS i can share here if u want it and pls stop cry about boss . seems like u not happyy in KO if other ppl killing boss lol .
  5. bro u crying or what ? everyday u make topic about player lol .... go make ur own KO if u want play alone bro .
  6. bro before u said . u dont see this problem on other server . u have to check that "OTHER SERVER U PLAY" 100% will be same problem . go find other problem or bug bro .
  7. hmmm .. nice bro . i think u never play karus side before . thats why u make topic about it ..... as i know . all KO same like that .. so i dont think its bug or something ... well if u want the centre cape . just NT back to human
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