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Found 3 results

  1. This bug has been happening for a while now, my priest's heal skill keeps failing for no apparent reason. And no, it's not because of someone attacking or canceling my heals. Nobody was attacking me when i tried it in town and it kept saying skill "failed". this is terrible because if the skill is failing by itself, then imagine in battle when someone is actually trying to cancel our heals. it makes getting the heal off in battle that much worse, since the skill already failing by itself and someone else is attacking us, the rate of pulling the heal off is less now. I know you released a patch recently for this but it seems to still happen.
  2. Hi everyone, I was having a discussion with a friend. What do battle priests do nowadays? Do they go half plate or cloth? Cloth has less defense but you can put points into HP (since you don't have to put points in int). Half plate will give you survivability but you need to use more than 46 stat points to be able to wear them. Is it worth the drop off, and what do people normally do on this server?
  3. SahinBey


    Merhaba arkadaşlar. Legends clanı olarak; ilk zamanlarda olamasak bile sonraki zamanlarda toparlanıp gelmeyi düşünüyoruz. Legends clanı 15 yıllık geçmişe dayanan abi kardeş ortamıdır. 2001'den beri bu oyunu oynayan, profesyonel ekibe katılmak isterseniz bana forum üzerinden mesaj gönderebilirsiniz. Hello guys. As we are Legends clan members, even we will not be able to be play at first, we will be playing in the next period. Legends clan is based on about 15 years of friendly place. If you want to join this professional team, you can pm me on forums.
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