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  1. Is this updated? If not can anyone update it pls?
  2. i quit the anvil a week back. Waiting for drops to get better so burning item is no big of a deal
  3. 160,455 (bulky bulcan, kecoon fighter) sorry missed this spot
  4. 2 and half days left for the event. You might have seen the mask or other awesome staff/candy/cane of Halloween event. For help, i am posting the locations of its spawn in Moradon. 150,355 (near the bridge) 60,410 (near Giant Galvot/Orc Watcher) 65,275 (Warewolf near BONE) 67,190 (kekoob bulcon spot) 62,62 (castle far end where lycan is - is in river) 142,115 (other river near silan and warewolf) 219,124 (Giant Bulcan near rock) 460,125 (Rabit Bandicoot) 303,203 (Savanger Bandicoot, Carrion Crawler) 246,223 (Savanger Bandicoot, Snatcher) 160,280 (Near Bone, WIld Bandicoot) Happy Hunting and Happy Gaming!
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