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  1. Indeed, as many of say, for the moment the farm in booro is unnecessary because certainly the % drop is very low, indeed that issue will be addressed in the first instance. The issue of getting red / black chitin will also be discussed, either through spots or mobs that drop moc, or more quests in other mobs. The issue of the upgrade will be discussed with Nikos and we will see what can be done, cos although they know the % of upgrade is somewhat unbalanced. The issue of merchant token exchange will also be discussed, although many players do not have enough time to farm or stay
  2. First i want to greet the players who are still with us. Now i want us to talk about how the server is currently, although the server is not going through good times, i would like to know ur opinions regarding the problems that we are going through, such as drop rate, farm spots, server activity, event schedule, etc. I would like to know ur opinions on how we can improve the current state of the server, any opinion will be well received. Although there were things that improved and others that did not improve the server, we are being open to know ur opinions and accept your sugg
  3. @FeelMyDagger about cheaters or koxp, please tell me nicks to can check when i see they online, is more easy if u can record a video, so they would help me more to see the problems, in the same way I will be observing these players
  4. u can post ss of him or any proof like video, tell me nick i check him now
  5. @Cicifirst u need log in panel, later go control panel, click in IP Logs and History, u can see what Ip's log u acc, if u see other IP, Nikos can help u
  6. El que te ataco fue asesino.? te tiro todos skilles y R en cuanto tiempo.? O era un archer que te atacaba de lejos
  7. @FermuriaNcual es el problema que tienes.? si puedes mandar una foto del error para poder ayudarte
  8. @BaRRaBaSQue se levante Nikos para ver cual es el motivo de tu ban, de la misma manera te pido que no hagas spam, con 1 solo post es suficiente, en el transcurso de las horas te dire el motivo del porque fuiste baneado
  9. @DanielMsi en la zona que te encuentras hay kecon, worms y bulcan, estas en Presion, esto se debe a que has estado AFK durante un tiempo y automaticamente te mandan a prision, para salir de ahi necesitar matar 50 mobs y luego ir al npc
  10. @DontCastingFailed el problema esta en compartir la cuenta, ahi fue el 1er error, ya que tanto el priest DontCastingFailed y el warrior OneMoreChange hablan sobre vender items en $, el tema de los IP los revisara Nikos y los comprobara, solo queda esperar.
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