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  1. i have been played in that server 6 minths ago. at the first i saw 150 ppl online (...cause of lockdown), after that i saw 20-30 ppl online (..cause of borderKO), in the last 2 months i saw 50-60 ppl online (...cause of BorderKo R.I.P). And now i see ppl ,who are not playing to this Server, or they have 3months to log on to SAY "YES". If you do not want to play, please leave us quite or find other server to play. This Server with 50ppl can be well. Noone tell us that if NIKOS32 do the wipe and all old player come back (...as you say), they will not stay for 6 or 10 months. they will
  2. Character name : Mpekrokanatas Items : worrior Shell boots +8 , worrior shell gauntlets +8 time : 10:00 server time
  3. i sold my boots and my gauntlet to sundreis by accident. today 10 in the mornig
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