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  1. The main point is... Did glad really need that npt? I dont think so..
  2. Hmmm...i just wondering why people who vote 'yes' didnt just back online n play with us. Rather then shout 'server is dead...less ppl online' Just come back n let this server alive again.
  3. I reunarmed my deathmatch raptor n ddnt notce it was fail. N put sherion which i tot raptor n destry it. Help me.. happend about 15 minuter ago. Help me gm
  4. I cant login into games. Its said that my id or password was incorrect. I 100% sure i typed it right. N i can login in web by using same id n password. This happend after server restart new patch on 21 April. My id was: bosslegendprof Pls check. Thanks. Can reply to my email also.
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