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  1. Hi everyone, I am selling DUAL CHD +7 DUAL HR +1 Buying SN +8 1H GIGA +8 ICE Pm me in game or sent me msg with your offers
  2. did i run from that vs ? no so moral of the story is if you vs dont use malice debuf heal thats not vs and if you use 1 of them i will vs you no problem i dont mind dying... also come again pm me in the game when ur on lets vs
  3. My first character was priest in chyper back in 2006 it doesnt matter how long you have been playing also prepare for what 1 group heal and your hp is full your ready vs lol
  4. I Had to make this topic to teach BP Priest how they supposed to vs with other Jobs because clearly in this server BP PRIESTS either never played ko before or they dont know the vs rules. When battle priest vs sin for example. Battle priest can use Malice or Debuf or heal they have to pick one and sin is not supposed to use cure during vs. if you malice debuf and use heal its not vs anymore. Battle priest vs warrior and mage, they can use Malice or Debuf or Heal. not all 3 at once that is not vs anymore. I had to open up this topic because i am tired of vsing with battle priest who never play actual ko before. Please dont tell me sin has Minor etc.. As i said Sin is not supposed to cure during vs and battle priest only get to pick one malice, debuf or heal thats it, if you dont do this and sin runs that is not because he is noob or dont know how to play. its because your not vsing properly.
  5. will butterfly wings be better than wings of god?
  6. Hi Nikos i am wondering if you could help me out. I have sold my giga +7 to npc by mistake thinking im selling blade axe. It happened on the 26/02/2020 around 3am GMT -5 time zone. The character name is 6ixxx
  7. @nikos32 Thanks alot Nikos you are the best and i can see that you actually care about the players unlike other admins!!!!!! I can see this server being last long keep up the great job!
  8. I upgraded my Selfname dagger to +7 and i had another restore scrool. For a second i thought i used the restore scrool and by mistake i burnt my selfname dagger +7 to +8, thinking im upgrading my +1 to +2 please help me out. i really really made a big mistake :(
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