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  1. felankor was a big mistake. That's why many people left from the server.
  2. Dear GMs, @nikos32@Majesty@Observer I forgot my serial number. My character name is: Queen Can you send my seal serial number to my e-mail address. I appreciate your help. Thank you in advance.
  3. What I am trying to say is, even if they fix the issue, a bp cannot do 3 v 1 in this sv. Bp has fairly low hp and def compared to the other classes, cannot stand in the crowded fights unlike others (warrior can descent, rogue can use light feet etc). But in the current situation, it is just not fair. At least the miss ratio should not be that high.
  4. It's also true. Even if it says hellish is a fail safe, it also misses a lot. However, I do not agree with you; BP is very paper in the server. I never can do 3 v 1 or 2 v 1 even if I almost have full items (you can check from the website). I am still waiting for help, please do not ignore me.
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