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  1. to be real with you man they prob hit like 500s their just maxed stats and def chrs for events it dosent matter if they hit their normal chrs
  2. s> black priest gaunts +7 b rogue red chitin pauld, pants,boots,and gloves+7 msg me in game any time
  3. im not sayying u guys dont im just saying that whole clan is fuckin macro and u guys have done fuck all about it
  4. i mean every one and i mean every one complain orc side cause of the clan have u not noticed how as soon as they come cz every orc leaves? I Genuinely love this sever and dont want to see it die but macro sins like that clan will kill quickly
  5. Exploits and hacks, or any behavior that gives a player an unfair advantage, are strictly prohibited. As a reminder using an exploit to your advantage may result in disciplinary action against your account.
  6. then please for the love of god watch hole gambler clan 24/7 cause they ruin pk cause macro
  7. https://www.professionalko.com/?page=char&id=Geek THIS USER AND 4 of his sin buddys can out heal 4 warriors????????????? IMPOSSIBLE *EDIT ITS THE HOLE DAMN CLAN PLEASE DO SOMETHIN MAN THEY KILL PK CAUSE HACKIN NOOBS WANTA MACRO*
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