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  1. They are add - hp to chd and DV becouse rebirth items but we are not have rebirth items professionalko so I think not good
  2. +1 Agree with you geek should archer allowed skill arrow 3 and 5 in czm and CS 2- Chd never has hp bouns or - hp
  3. Does this cause you a problem i think no but i will explain to you i have a short problem when playing here and that i talked together nikos but no one can help me
  4. Agree with you if server restart many players will leave and server will dead
  5. A little Poll about BDW The current system is 8 vs 8 BDW with 2 Priest + 6 attackers or 1 priest + 7 attackers This makes it realy hard for the Piest to survive.Priests usually die in a few seconds...and the fight is over. Specially if there is some good Archers in a Party... I would prefer to make 5 vs 5 system. 1 Priest + 4 Attackers seemed very balanced to me. 6 vs 6 would also work well. Another Option would be the old 8 vs 8 system with 2 Priests. You could even allow one BP per Party.You can place 2x votes to your favorite systems Man is unhappy...because he doesn't kno
  6. All people have a dream, but I give a thought to the server. If you agree, this is good. If you do not agree, this is good for me, too jizzy
  7. Hello Prof Knights Ramadan Kareem I have a small idea that will appeal to others. I see that there are no gifts for the Top month of the monthly Ranking and also for the Top killing Ranking,In my opinion, nikos can give the first 6 on the top monthly Kc and also the first 3 on the month in killing ranking But every month you must do a restart to killing ranking. 1) 800 KNIGHT CASH2) 600 KNIGHT CASH3) 400 KNIGHT CASH4) 300 KNIGHT CASH5) 200 KNIGHT CASH6) 100 KNIGHT CASH Also, you can choose the gift that suits you @Nikos32 Beat Regards
  8. Omg the version of professionalko different of my server np let me do some change for both . Brb abit thank you for help
  9. Here you can make you chat box longer https://ufile.io/focc36v0
  10. It back long Cape with same style your send to me
  11. Ok let me change something then I will reply again to you , if your can deleted long Cape patch and test my file then give me feedback will be good
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