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  1. Do you have Screen shoot about this case .
  2. np dont care about what are you saying . ٍShallom Israel becouse you think you'r every thing in this server You blamed everyone .
  3. Who told you they are my friends , the friends in this server not to much they know me and i know them , so you'r Gm can check My pm with gm what happend . Oh forget you dont have Tools to check anything .
  4. 1. ChuckyMyDeath - Scammed a lighting rof from blood when he was running alone and we took him for pk - he couldnt kill it alone - we killed it he got the drop, quitted the party and change to human side - after all he joined Gamblers sold his daggers - and after he couldnt find new 1's he quitted the server - those days hes playing with Hate clan. as i said before i was not in any clan i take drop and gm login to game then pm to me , this is you'r drop and you can take it have nice day . about quitted the server i was got boring becouse i have 2x Selfname daggers and i taking with Geek rouge from Gamblers clan i want to buying 2x DV+7 he said it's ok and give to me offert and i selling my 2x Selfname daggers after i got all of gbs and want to made deal with him he said i will not sold it So i trying to much to find 2x Dv i cant anyone selling it after it i got busy in my work then i back again and got lucky in moradon to find 2x DV+7 . what's point for this topic ? idk
  5. Well guys, do not differentiate together, I stole it before or not, but at one point GM told me this is your right, and I do not care what you write and I respect myself why do I have to respect people within them with hatred. I see that this topic has ended. Why is the topic an appendix open? Close topic problems Solved .
  6. I think I speak English enough to understand your likes, do not go to my anger and speak like people who do not respect anyone and think that you are in control of everything because I am really angry with you and there is no word for you even and I say to you something that you speak a lot to defend your friends and I do not care about that .
  7. Bro ''Shadow'' also is Co_ Leader in clan . Screen shoot : https://ibb.co/njsgbpd
  8. You don't really know anything. I am the one who lives my life. I don't pretend I am really Gm on more than one server, and I will not respond to you similarly because my level is higher than that. 😅😅😅
  9. My friend at this time I did not have friends in the server and I was without a clan and this was my right and the GM was talking to me and said if you do not want to return it then this is achieved for you without a clan .
  10. The rules here say if you are in a clan and you stole something you must return it, and if you do not have a clan with you and take something this is your property and the clan is covered and this topic is finished I see here a lot of people love me Solved / Topic Close
  11. i this moment i was not have clan and i take drop , but the Different here we are 8 ppl from one clan no one is Different
  12. yes nikos looking screen shoot , he was in clan Hate and party also . Date : 11:48 PM 23/ 3
  13. Well, I want a solution because the whole clan is angry now, and if I don't find a solution to this problem, it will happen again together .
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