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  1. i dont think you getting any help since u merchant it someone was luckky enough to buy it,
  2. the picture speaks for it self, not sure if bug or not, just felt like i should report it https://imgur.com/a/XejO71j @nikos32 @Majesty @Observer @Fluvius
  3. well , of course you gonna rape blood, i dont think they are as skilled as you are, my opinion they dont even know how to pk i''ve watched with my own eyes full 8 member clan party from blood, getting rekt by 4 members of gamblers (that was like 2 weeks ago )
  4. server is down guys omg... go to panel and click server status... game server is down
  5. sale fov+1 2x fr+0 3x sn +7 2x re , set shell rog +7 set red mage +6
  6. first of all, we cant camp eslant because BIG CLANS CAMP IT, second 12 core players with GG gear is a big clan in this server, 3rd im also a new player, and i cant farm shit , noone cares how much lesath used to cost when server opened, we all must have equal rights on items, what you are saying is, keep cs in isiloon, so only GOOD AND BIG clans can get it because as a newcomer i can say, we can never kill it
  7. lesath should have 1% chance to drop, cs, and yea i know big clans dont like it, because if it drops only on isi, then only the big clans will get cs, and will sell for overprice as they do with all the good items, in every decent server cs drop from lesath at a very low % and yea, would it be that bad if newcomers get a cs, sell it and gear up? i dont get ur logic @NotSoBad
  8. sn +8 and iron neck, u must have like 1 million gbs, damn
  9. could you explain what you mean by medium? because if beginers get what i have so easy, that will make me frustrated that i farmed my ass of i'd like to know what you mean my medium PS ( im also new player)
  10. i would suggest something like a mini colection race inside the ft, (example kill 1 deru 1 fallen angel 1 dm) or something like that, with an average but worthwhile reward that might keep the guys from afking with 3 or 4 acounts and actually put some effort to win the cr inside the ft,
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