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  1. you are a very strange person too.
  2. blackmask222


    https://ibb.co/mbKsBRj logitech mouse is a product with macro software, is it a reason to use it?
  3. Bea just said the right things, you threw it out of the clan because he was the right one ..! it means that you are slaving everybody, (note: don't forget that your clans are in people who love us, and the reason is that we are good people.)
  4. i was talking with my old friend from another server ( like 2 years ago ) and i just told him that words. it was not any promote about that server. you can check which server im talking about. that server is already closed and dont have any date / time for opening. it was just personal talking no more. i wanna play that server. you can check my online time & active time. if im spamming ppl another servers how im in top 10 online member rank ? best regards _Jacklight_
  5. I told bea because I knew bea from another server, my goal was not advertisement. respects
  6. Myrella, Ask him 2 days ago we helped him and the rof went to him
  7. https://ibb.co/0CNM313 Sculpy, you clanders would help us, but they did not, we are not greedy people. but for the first time we asked for help
  8. 228/5000 The one going to _hate_ is 1 ring. If it goes to you, 30x and 40x, you are just thinking about yourself and not giving the share of others. _hate_ felankor helped a lot to cut and I don't get any rof I think you should be ashamed of yourself
  9. My friend, don't get around with me. I do things to you so that you have to break your pc
  10. then I will do my best on cz to cut the GamblerS clan to you.
  11. https://ibb.co/6rScXjs Poor pulling into town to not give us the felankor box. please be done
  12. I do not think you are a good king because the size of the box when cutting the flankor does not allow new players to make rof rings.
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