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  1. dude you come to ks and you justify yourself. 10 people have labor there, what are you calculating?@GM_Thanos
  2. We work as a team. FTWXeaverZ has no rights. to make the necessary sanction.
  3. We are trying to cut the dragon together in our clans. Come to Ks, you have no right there.
  4. These people are coming to us for the red and white dragons of today. We have encountered such a thing before. My team and I have a lot of effort. please make the necessary sanction and give our drops
  5. SELL DV +8 dual offer items
  6. dostum cok konuşuyorsun ya. burda seninle ilgili bir konu yok herseye atlama. go google translate
  7. it's not a matter of interest to you. don't parsley to everything
  8. https://ibb.co/NrBT3vZ can you look at the picture. The date I opened the subject is the date we cut the flannel
  9. https://ibb.co/mJ8c5LJ hi nikos, there was no felancholy box we cut today, please give our help and drops. respects From 14.00 to 14.30
  10. 16.03.2020 saat 17.15'te h ve türkish tarifi ile ilgilidir. hatırladığımdan beri uzun zaman oldu nick: jacklight
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