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  1. I guess we gotta need like magic bags overhere so can keep everything with you all time at inventory and good for rogues give more weight... i bet @nikos32 you saw those bags before at somewhere?
  2. Lns can be already deleted its just totally bullshiet now days
  3. Selling: - Priest Red Chitin Helmet+7 Buying: - 2x Imir Ring+1 ! - 1x Flame Ring+1 ! - Bdw Flame Ring ! - Braverys 2.2m each Pm ingame " Tuke " or " MiScusi" Cheers!
  4. i guess i can go human side for fun
  5. At the first 8x items +0 to +1 burned, then 11x items with trina burned pretty easy priva server guys to farm / upgrade !
  6. Its good balance already atleast humans joining cz now days with 2partys but doesnt matter
  7. Yesterday you dead for nothing because you didnt use ur descent or never hearded about using shield..
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