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  1. offer @Queen, yap @Death kinda pissed me off...
  2. Buying --> - HA+7 / Lycaon Hammer+7 - Cleric Earrings+1 / Lillime+0 / +1 - Chitin Shield Selling ---> - 12Str / 1Hp earrings (2x) - Pe+1 - Warrior Chitin Set+8 ( not from retarded npc) Catch me better from here atm. also sometimes ingame "Tuke"
  3. r.i.p tuke´s ( Only one o.l.d s.c.h.o.o.l sexy chitin set +8 wtf..
  4. Just waiting what gm´s will do this server... just saying now need " big changes, relaunch, should think any possible things carefully"
  5. I agree need time but sometimes just dont have time for changes sometimes its already "too late"... just fact, dont think there is 200+ players waiting some miracle You can see as panel "users online thing cold truth". Im still believe all of you gm´s! cheers
  6. thats also latin pk time for many players kinda impossible to play atm.
  7. @Orphée you know why people left / keep leaving server... This is not usko just fact is no pk = no users, simply thing.
  8. its 72lvl cap server warrior should not win rogue as vs lol if this 80 or 83lvl cap then you say something like " decrease warrior damage"
  9. nice video ! just easy play with me? do support and 4x best ur skills atm
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