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  1. Remember you can always get fr, clacier, lr pots / resistance from mage what makes poison weapon always better + more range, giving str bonus everything better, hurting "dagger" even giving resistances ... What makes also bf mob rings / farming useless.
  2. https://gyazo.com/ff6e5d2ee14c4c1c957513843733e712
  3. smells npt " https://gyazo.com/e98461fdef6c65a6d57b6d7b470e1d44 "
  4. did u tryed different between ele roc+1 and fr+1 ? can be even roc+1 with ele dmg can be better now days fr not giving str and 24defence so sounds kinda pointless farm bf rings always better go bdw or rof ofc.
  5. fact is still slowly people leaving and you need find way how fix... Lets god bless and hope something happends and we get nice active again cheers! ^^
  6. Doesnt matter check users... people keep quitting one by one focus that issue.
  7. hey darth_fool got hb+8 and good belt i can swap mine to those so we are not keeping insane items occult
  8. Darakor just saying fact
  9. dont hell go that clan if you are new user... they totally 0 respect people
  10. Selling - SN+7 Buying - Grahman+8 cheers
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