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  1. Remove Ip banned of DeathCantBeKilled let him play and if you think his a problem in the server, you can always Ip banned him no problem with that, the poor guy was on holiday when he got Ip banned because Terminator was logging his account for bosses and stuff like that as he said so if you could help him do so thanks buddy.
  2. @Raato I tell you why gamblers don't want that kind of thing to happen in sever because they full geared charaters plus even there 2nd character is full geared that's why don't want others to get cs drop and etc gl fll geared but still slow xd
  3. if Gm call that insult I quit game now baba keep reporting for asking for vs you and every single of your clan members good luck mate... Very funny ppl in these server... hahahahahahahahha hahahahahhahahaha
  4. @Marv really funny kid keep trying mate keep running with 2 or 3x pt humans against 1x pt I don't know how you guys call that pk go kill atross and riote better that's my advice for you gl hahahahahaha
  5. apple boy no one is crying leave all the investigating for gms its not your job to do that is it? who ever is using second pt tool like koxp or macro ofc deserves to get banned or warned have fun and enjoy the game guys.
  6. So your telling me who ever is good in ks and he kills whole party that's means macro ahhahahaha gg guys. By that chance everyone who is good in ks ppl in server will start blaming him and saying macro and you wont have any more ppl in cz you will end up killing atross and riote lol have fun guys and enjoy the game
  7. old Professional your soo funny mate go watch more comedy kanka :d No Iam MB, I have already discussed this with all clan members and they agree to Nation transfer to orc side. If its alright with you @nikos32 because we see no balance the past few days at all. Thanks.
  8. hi iam member in HelloTitty clan its been 3x days in a roll, humans have 3x partys running in bowl and pushing 1x party orc side to their town :d We need the transfer help us do that !! @Nikos32
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