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  1. Leeroy do you see how karus nation took castle it was a gg night I suppose but if you take 34k nps stop lieing theres no such thing I only see yoi dieing anyways hahahah. https://professionalko.com/?page=char&id=Leeroy Check this out funniest thing ever talks about kill and deaths when you got kills and deaths same both together gg player only big mouth fll items but same kills and deaths OMG hahahahah gl kanka
  2. hahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahah finally
  3. One more thing I forgot to mention who are you in clan to say or do your nothing but a useless macro priest dude. Plus The Iron belt none of our clan members got it in pt it was some old Poland friend I knew from zone myko he isn't in our clan, stop making me feel bad like a scammer when I don't even do that.. Your not in the pt I don't get what is wrong with you brain or trying to be nice to ppl don't worry kid your job is to report ppl for nothing none stop and your the one who uses macro I say this again and again GMs please watch this big mouth kid iam out of here keep burning haters when I rise.
  4. hahahhaahah get a life dude you get kicked from clan and you report me you think iam an idiot like you to scam my good friends in pt and clan members no srry iam not low life person I guess you are, you even weren't in our party when you got the Iron Belt so soo cry kid plus your not welcome in our clan anymore and yes Iam the clan leader of ShowTime. One more thing if nikos32 I would keep checking you, you report ppl none stop and your the noob here who uses macro even on your priest gg OldMacroProfessioanl. Watch this retard pleas Nikos32 !!!
  5. who me? I think you talking about someones else anyways your just a waste of time mate gl
  6. Theft? what does that mean hahahaha noob if I was you I would jump off a bridge dude better then flaming ppl in a game swearing at them and there family or my god grow up retard.. who ever does that is a low life and brainless person.
  7. hi guys as you can see the Title iam selling Iron belt need sell it as soon as possiable need share the drop with my party mates and clannies Pm me on forum or in Game Anytimebabe Thank you...
  8. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU Punish him if possiable he sounds like a teenager PMing someone you don't know plus talking about his family and swearing, Jizzyoveryou 0 Respect 0 Attitude
  9. I guess for these Macros its hard to use there fingers maybe disable or to slow to use fingers gl noob macros
  10. Remove Ip banned of DeathCantBeKilled let him play and if you think his a problem in the server, you can always Ip banned him no problem with that, the poor guy was on holiday when he got Ip banned because Terminator was logging his account for bosses and stuff like that as he said so if you could help him do so thanks buddy.
  11. @Raato I tell you why gamblers don't want that kind of thing to happen in sever because they full geared charaters plus even there 2nd character is full geared that's why don't want others to get cs drop and etc gl fll geared but still slow xd
  12. if Gm call that insult I quit game now baba keep reporting for asking for vs you and every single of your clan members good luck mate... Very funny ppl in these server... hahahahahahahahha hahahahahhahahaha
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