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  1. Wow baning someone for having fun . The leader of blood . No priors . Someone that brings clans together to make it more fun . This is not just about doing something wrong there is something deeper going on here . Honestly if he does not get unbanned im out ! Awaiting response
  2. @Lee our prerogative was to win CSW , and we did! And now you guys want to quit because of that lol i call that crying !
  3. This is so funny seeing grown men CRY because they lost a event due to great planing and organizational effort from their competitor . Quitting the server because they did not get their way ! Amazing Some advice @Lee Grow a spine and take a loss like a man and plan a come back CYA
  4. Same thing with me . Farming harpies and normally the back 2 does not get looted
  5. Good day Team As requested by GM_nikos32 Here is my post Today at about 17:45 i went to anvil with in full of uniquest 3x ROLS 3x Rocs 3x ROM's 3x Warrior Pendants 3x Legionnaire Bands I started upgrading and all burnt as needed and the setup was perfect for the lego's to go in next , put in the lego's and try to upgrade and i get a msg that the items dont match Alot of GB's burnt to try get a +1 lego but due to a bug in the game i was not able to try Please have a look at this @GM_nikos32 Regards Clowney
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