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  1. @Majesty @nikos32 how about maybe reduce his ban time? Or a mute perhaps? I dont know the guy personally but the couple times i spoke with him he was a genuine nice guy. I think he deserves a second chance, he seems to understand what he said was wrong and was definitely considered racism.
  2. Growmaster we all love you here. People may pm you and talk crap from time to time but when it comes down to it i bet they pm you and ask for bus cus they are too lazy to farm them.
  3. I believe he is referring to other actual cheater reports including this one being ignored. Seems to be the pattern, i mean i got banned for np transfer when i wasnt np transfering and time and time again this speed bug is being reported. Now sinister has learned how to do it from EMPIRE and its still being ignored. He even offered you to take you anywhere ingame and show you how it works and tell you the quickest fix for it and still being ignored. Someone used some weird gm speed against me and gladiator888 yesterday and i immediatly reported it with no response. You tell me how a bp managed to chase down a rogue with light feet and another warrior watched it happen and was just as confused as i was. Now you tell me to take video or make forum posts and im not going that far. It isnt my job to investigate real cheaters i find. A pm to the server owner should suffice. I shouldnt have to download and install fraps get the guy to do it again, make a video, upload the video, then post to the forums and wait 24+ hours for a response only to be told something silly like "its just visual" you wanna see a visual bug ill have sinister log on his laptop and you can see a real visual bug vs what leeroy was doing as sinister does a 3fps electric slide. I have absolutely zero problem with leeroy and actually consider him my friend in this game. I dont think he needs to be banned for it but atleast hear sinister out and let him show you what needs to be done to patch it....
  4. Relvie


    Yeah you are fine
  5. sky you gotta stop with the king commands. every empire player has an orc and all you do is let them know what we are doing lol
  6. Relvie


    Jesus fkin Christ cant even make a recruitment post without being trolled by empire. You guys aint got nothing better to do huh?? @Majesty just delete this shit dude another waste of my time.
  7. I think Legion should NT to human too maybe we can actually get a couple felas then.
  8. The RoF's were a huge mistake. If you thought we couldnt compete with empire before we definitely cant now. To be honest we have all but given up on the felankors because everytime we try 3746467282 humans come and mess it up. Not worth the time just like isi in abyss.
  9. 88888 he seems to have thought you were someones drainer feeding orcs with kills. No worries im sure @nikos32 will only ban you for 7 days like me.
  10. @nikos32 is going to be the destroyer of his own creation.
  11. Lmao even my enemies can see this is unjust
  12. Close this topic. Its done and over. Hes made his feelings clear and im moving on.
  13. dude we saw empire coming first of all and it was more than 3, we didnt even attempt to fight them because we were already on felankor with multiple drainers open. at this point we dont even care to try really. the few people that are still trying are losing hope fast. every time orcs try to kill anything in cz it turns into nothing but humans. none of us want to keep fighting these guys every single time we try to get something so we just let them have it. no point in trying anymore. empire will constantly log 8+ ppl every time they see us attempt something. why you think our members keep joining them? they cant get items any other way. very soon it will only be empire and allstars running around. hope you guys are going to enjoy what you worked so hard to achieve.
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