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  1. not true, because I always buy from pus and I know plenty of others who do
  2. there is no remaking trades bro that isn't a think in ko everything was legit
  3. how am I keeping anything what do you not understand about I gave ALL the gbs to the people who told me was in party and your over here saying im triyng to keep something for myself like really?
  4. yeah but sculpy everyone was telling me to sell t I dint want it no more because of people like this greedy asf and wasn't to start more drama in the forums when it was all over and done with its a fucking game. And like you said its no bannable so your just here to try and start more shit
  5. ok and they never told me shit about it I sold the cs over a week ago dude and you just asked this like yesterday like wtf you aren't even active really dude
  6. But like I said I haven't played this game in years I never took a ss like you so I didn't know you were in the party. And also I wasn't even expecting to get a cs and before the party was started there never was anything said about sharing so honestly I could have said fuck you all and took it for myself but instead I sold it and gave it all away
  7. what a fucking noob you are ivana you never spoke up saying you were in the party so how would I know. I haven't played ko in years and years and I didn't know there are so many greedy ass babies who still play this shit. I got a cs and first term and deathcantbe tried to scam it off me. As you can see in the pic there they left the pt to try to ninja it. Second off I asked multiple times in clan chat who was in the aprty so I can give them a split. Never once I saw your name because when your on line you never do shit you sit there and don't do anything. Stop trying to start so much drama dude I sold the cs and I didn't get shit myself. I gave it to all the clannies and the others in party you wanted to rush so fast to quit clan and start shit so yes your not gonna get shit now so have fun with the game you greedy fuck
  8. Selling Helenid+7 Shio Tears +1/+0 Rouge black chitin +7 pads pauldron boots Rouge red chitin +7 Helm Dual Re +0 Buying +7 chatoic staff Dual imir rings dual lich king prides +7 black chitin mage/+8 paper Pm me either here or in game 0000000000 that's 10 zereos
  9. all good Ragnar I just want everyone to know there was no scamming done from our side. BOOOOOOO (Ragnar) did indeed buy it with ingame items. the 72 gbs and shard 8 he did not buy any items with usd and Ragnar sorry for all those mixups and lies people fed you man
  10. This whole thread is bs there was nothing illegal I got a drop from isi that's 100 % fair in the game. the two people out the clan terminator and deathcantbekilled who tried to scam off me has now been banned. I sold the cs to boo for exactly 72 gbs and a shard 8. I then sold the shard 8 to down for 35-40gbs I cannot remember. Then yes I gave all the gbs away to clan I didn't even keep a dime for myself, so all you dumb fuckers that are going around spread all these lies and rumors can go fuck yourself. This is a game and you are all crying like 5 year old kids. Grow the fuck up. Nikos there was never anything illegal all trades were fair there is nothing to be done here at all, Just because people lie and make stuff up doesn't mean someone can just go run to a gm to try and trade back, That's not how things work.... :/
  11. I'm looking to buy a shio tears +1 pm me here or ingame DankGaming
  12. Selling shard +8 pm me here or ingame when I’m on DangGaming
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