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  1. wrong in the name of the character I show you. It was not with "O" but with "0" M0NT3CR1STO
  2. Im Dowloading game, error laucher i`dont enter game nikos Later parch have much problem, firts loser rhodium now i`can join Thaks for pacience
  3. Ahhhh nick is: M0NT3CR1STO Sorry for me error letters Check real nick
  4. Check my latest movements and you will realize that if I had ROF that was sold by 7 Rhodium and now I have not even one have disappeared
  5. If nikos was there I sold a ring of felankor light in 140 gb I had 7 Rhodium help me I have no money that was my savings I will not be able to play again
  6. Hello master later parch i logg me account and loser 7 rhodium please help me restaure mis 7 rhodium Nick: MONT3CR1STO
  7. Take action against these possible corrupt players https://ibb.co/5RqcSb5 Thanks administrations
  8. i send you image to paypal movimient for 60 usd check this is canceled for block of my account Quit to gbs and return me account and ban player drenador for selling gbs/item via paypal I did not know that I was not allowed to buy with real money.
  9. The player drenador war using inappropriate language i war going to hack you, for security i wanted to take my items to a new account, this player is breaking the rules selling gbs by paypal, i never maker change with him i you consider it convenient to remove my gbs, but unblock me account thanks nikoos
  10. I just buy gbs players only for buy block me account? I didn't know that rule, You blocked my account when you had to block the account is the seller of gbs in currency Need Gm Español
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