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  1. I don't care the items which he got there is only one item which has some worth, topic is created for just information as I said before. there is no mean if you make post without any investigation, you just kill the main idea of why I made this topic with your wrong informations
  2. he got password 29 august he took items 30 august or 31 august, you can clearly see that from logs then he trade back after a day 1 september and took all of them again 2 september how he could give them 2 months ago, he doesnt even has password 2 months ago
  3. I shared my password with a person who nick is Terrordrone in game to play BP with mine character. He traded the items in the char and he is not giving them back now. It is clear that he traded the items with his second computer or with a friend. I make this topic to prevent people do the same mistake again.
  4. No jodas si estoy más pelado que tu puta calva.
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