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  1. pls @nikos32 @Majesty @Observer @Fluvius pls GMS trade me in LNS :v https://ibb.co/J24FWyw
  2. hi GMS I just leave this here to see how this guy made me trade :V :v https://ibb.co/gDTs7qf
  3. no one has helped us and we are making more progress than those clan se fueron porque chema cago a varios players mira para ti https://imgur.com/a/CQOMcLF
  4. hahahahahahahahhahahaha cry cry
  5. hahahahaa i dont have macro i not use programer cry cry cry my clan not use macro lollllllzzzz 😃😃
  6. hahahahahahhaha, i mean, you say to all the players that beat you, you tell him that he uses the program, that is a newbie, as you say, friend, first learn to lose and then you can write whatever you want.
  7. your very very ridiculous ur post bad dont have evidence against me
  8. good they tell me that I use programs please if you want to check me out I don't have any inconvenience but if you don't get any of it please ask that the person who accuses me without evidence please be punished Atte: MargeSimpson and GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Asist Clan RememberMe
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