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  1. but I am Latino and I see that you only run the orca nation when we go 14 humans being 30 orcs start running
  2. @Apple jajajajajaja si pues lo peor que el solito se nombra pro da chiste lo se pero hay que dejarlo nunca olvidare cuando fuimos solo los 3 con @BlackPride tmre esos son pk para mi intento de warrior, intento de priest que mas da hay que dejarlo por eso toda su gente lo deja jajajajajaja ese clan ya nadie quiere entrar
  3. @NotSoBad @BigHunter @JrAcura let him cry, don't pay attention to him, he's a poor player that nobody pays attention to him ... that's why all his people in his clan leave because he is ashamed to be in his clan Acı ve kedere neden olur
  4. gracias por eso @Observer y espero que en la proxima por falsos testimonios podrian castigar a ese problematico que tu mismo ya sabes quien es parece que se enamoro de mi persona jajajajajajaja creo que cuando no le dieron bola en su denuncia de esa vez que querian que me banean se que es un chiste ese player pero que se le hara es asi nomas... Kintaro es peruano yo creo que otro peruano mas que seguro fue solo es cuestion de IP como dijo @Sky bueno en su base de datos aparecera el IP espero que lo castiguen con el IP para que no ingrese esa persona que fue GL
  5. so you see how many you need to get only 1 clan that doesn't hurt you for being so crap
  6. karus need 5, 6, 7, 8 ,9 ,10 pts for killed CSW of The Clan Gamblers ...... hahahahahahahahahahaha loooooool Gamblers Nice Nps in CSW thanks to you we have fun
  7. hahahaahhaahahhaa that video and that archer does nothing that archer brother if you are going to put a good video put something good not that thing
  8. If you say that they are my husbands, it's fine that I would expect more from a player like you. but stop crying nothing else
  9. you are still looking for problems if you do so you can do the same, no problem, stop crying @lalarconhu @NotSoBad @INumenoreanI @thefnl tell him not to keep crying pls sir
  10. @Tuke Calm down, nobody has named you, just said a few words and if you feel identified with that it is your problem, thanks.
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