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When you get scammed/hacked or when you lose your items in any other way, there is a big chance that your gear can't be recovered, because its very hard for admins/GM's to find out what really happened.

This is why we have made some Anti-Scam Tips here.

Before I begin please note that a GM or Admin will never ever ask for your password!!!


This are ProfessionalKO's Anti-Scam tips.


Please read the tips below carefully, we believe that when you follow this guide it will be impossible to get scammed.

Please note that ProfessionalKO cannot be held responsible for items being lost during; scam, hack, drop or anything else.

I will start with some rules according your login details:

- Use a unique account name and password. (that you never used before)
- Register your account with a real email address (passwords or other info can only be recovered through the email of registration)
- Never share your login details with anyone. No friends, other players even not with GM/Admins. All information a GM/Admin would need is the name of a character or the account ID. We will never ask for passwords.
- Use a strong password using numbers and letters, this makes it real hard to crack your password.
- Do not download programs for ProfessionalKO which are not released by the ProfessionalKO staff on www.professionalko.com or forums.professionalko.com. Any other download could contain key loggers.
- Do not accept any files from people you do not know.

How do I prevent to get scammed? 

According to trading there are a few simple rules you should listen to and you can't get scammed:

- Only use the normal in-game trade option. (not account trades or ProfessionalKO items for items of another server)
- Do not trade more items then fit in 1 trade window.
- Always check every item placed in the trade window before you accept the trade. (many item icons looks the same to each other so always make sure to read the item's name and + before accepting)
- When you want to trade more items then fit in 1 trade window please ask a GM to assist you. (otherwise do not complete such trades!)

ProfessionalKnightsOnline does not support trades where real money is involved. You are not allowed to sell/buy items and if you do, it's completely on your own risk because you can be scammed and/or to be banned from our side. Please, also note that it's not allowed to sell or buy an entire account. Whenever real money is involved the items cannot be recovered. Same counts for when you are trading your items with someone on another server.

Yours Sincerely,
Team PKO

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