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Bifrost Event

Bifrost Opening  

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  1. 1. When should i open Bifrost?

    • Every Tuesday
    • Every Wednesday
    • Every Friday
    • Every Saturday
  2. 2. Which timing you prefere? (Consider that it wil last 1 hour)

    • At 14:00 Server time
    • At 15:00 Server time
    • At 16:00 Server time
    • At 22:00 Server time
    • At 23:00 Server time

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Hi all folks, i am trying to schedule the opening of BF event... Consider that i will open it (manually, so shits may happen) twice a week... Which day/time you think it will be the best?

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Looks like "Scheduled" Bifrost will be every Friday at 16:00 Server time and every Saturday at 22:00 server time...

Tomorrow (Or when i will need to be away for work at 16:00) i'll make it start at 14:00

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