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  1. I think the nikos32 should check it and decide for myself I just wanted to report that it is being examined. @HealingSpirit but yes you are right that can also be a problem of the other users with internet
  2. And my internet or my pc can't be because I have a very good pc and internet I have 950Mbps Computer info: then it will be due to the game or to the server of the game, from my side everything was 100%
  3. @holypunk if you win it stays with visual bug if you lose you would change your mind
  4. but why do I only get this from this user and not from all other users?
  5. Do all hackers say today that it is a visual bug? The guy is behind me with a big abstant gerant back how can it be that he quickly when I ran and killed me? all of that results in no problems with your visual bug
  6. unfortunately it's your fault because you weren't paying attention
  7. As it is already in title that the icon of Homepage wind of PK is wrong
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