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  1. Hello guys As i see here recone repot some guy but i am not accepted it without proof because proof = take action . Anyway hope nikos Check his logs Nice to see you Recone back to game
  2. Hello Your need to give profko team few information about your problems . Also you need to make your topic in Technical Support not in market section [Technical Support] - [Soporte Técnico] - [Teknik Destek] - ProfessionalKO Forums
  3. Hello, who use illegal programs or any program like macro paddle razer Logitech mouse's and keyboard Gaming are not allowed ''You are only allowed to use the mouse or keyboard Gaming without its software'' If Nikos finds such in your logs he has to take action! I Remember My friend was Farming with macro and Nikos banned him , His name is Rommel ""Acura"" Best Regards Mahmoud
  4. Omg the version of professionalko different of my server np let me do some change for both . Brb abit thank you for help
  5. Ok let me do some change on it .
  6. Here you can make you chat box longer https://ufile.io/focc36v0
  7. It back long Cape with same style your send to me
  8. Ok let me change something then I will reply again to you , if your can deleted long Cape patch and test my file then give me feedback will be good
  9. Can you take ss and upload here to can solve it
  10. Download the file and put in items folder Download link: https://ufile.io/aht4w9ir https://imgur.com/9cXONkn
  11. you can download Ui and Ui_us from this 2 links and you put in folders professionalko Ui : https://easyupload.io/x1eqy6 Ui _ US : https://ufile.io/w1dckb07 you Can download Skin from here if you got error with first links . Ui : https://ufile.io/947uvs7x Ui _ US : https://ufile.io/w1dckb07 photo for skin <<< https://imgur.com/czrnuEi This link also for all effect you need :
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