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  1. Majority of the time he just raids farm spots in CZ. He only really enters the Bowl when its boss time or if Karus has humans outnumbered. & That is also the main reason why I left syndicate after my short time there. Mainly Boss complaining and being selfish with drops and taking them from members. They used to also get on my case about creating random parties with some friends to pk and boss hunt, even though they never invite me to a party . Logic OP.
  2. The meat dumplings won't stack with the transformation scrolls. It's an optional substitute as a lot of players do not like the cougar/hera etc; scrolls. Sidebar: Added more suggestions and slashed out the ones that have been decided
  3. No need to get hostile guys over a clash of opinions. It's common that some people like end-game to be reached faster while others enjoy the progress of it. Getting heated and name calling won't help find a middle ground. Lets stay on track. The main points we are seeing here are Master items and boss spawn frequency Difficulty to access Forgotten Temple Noah Farming With the bosses spawning more frequent, theoretically it should lower the cost of the items. Lower cost, more mastered players (And more noahs in circulation). That helps the PvP side of the server and market since it stimulates it. With that being said, all useless bosses respawn timer can be decreased. Mainly because it will encourage more players to run in bowl as bosses will continuously spawn, and also it will help the market out. The bosses in mind are: Bone Collector Lupus Lycaon Lobo Barkirra Barkk Shaula Lesath Orc Bandit Leader Kekurikukakuku (I never learn how to spell it) Forgotten Temple is self explanatory. This server on average has around 400-600 players online, and FT only allows 32 to enter. Meaning less than 10% of the server will actually participate in FT. That makes the FT Coupon and FT Belt/Necklace a luxury item (Which I'm not against). However, I'm not a fan of a little percentage of the server actually being able to join. In my opinion, there should be multiple Forgotten Temple rooms, but make the FT more difficult. That way it preserves the luxury of FT Belts and Necks, and allow more players to actually participate in it. Noah Farming is perfectly fine as of right now. As Wizi said, there are a lot of ways to farm noahs rather than Cardinals.
  4. (You can check logs if needed) Before gender changing and Nation transfer, I was a Mastered Warrior, when I gender changed from small warrior to barbarian, it made me unmastered.
  5. Make it so you have to trade in a Iron Necklace and Iron Belt for personal weapons
  6. I like that FT idea. Trying to join FT at the moment is ridiculous. Also with the cardinals, I think Cardinals in homeland should drop BUS and jewels (At a slightly lower rate ofc) because they are literally camped every second which is a tad annoying.
  7. I don't like PvP servers, and I said before: Many, MANY servers, when you die killing a monster, your damage is reset (All the damage you've done, no longer counts towards who gets the box). It has been a known technique to aim the guy killing the boss rather than the boss so they do not get the drop on many servers. This isn't a 1 shoe fit all kind of logic we are talking about here, some servers do it, other servers don't. Being able to die, respawn, AND be able to loot in a whole new area is buggy itself (And we all know this). The box should not even still be there after you click Ok (Just because USKO has it, doesn't make it right! A bunch of NPC's are buggy in USKO, does that mean professionalko should have buggy NPCs?)
  8. The box shouldn't even still be there when you click ok. Edit: Also I think when you respawn, the range check on looting boxes kick in (Since you can't loot at a certain range)
  9. It's supposed to be like that. Players that are on the ground dead aren't supposed to receive any items that are looted. If they are the only player near the drop, the drop disappears. If another party member is there, the dead person is skipped and the next party member gets the drop.
  10. If you don't mind, can you share what solved the issue? Just in case if anyone runs into the same problem you had, we can forward the solution to them.
  11. I liked the dynamic respawn time. Makes camping the boss harder but either or is fine with me.
  12. You have to follow the steps in the link, not just open it. There are many troubleshooting methods it offers about IE Script errors and I doubt you tried them all. Script errors like that occurs when either the HTML code is bad (Which isn't the case here since it works for others), or when the webpage does not work how it's supposed to with the client-side script (Stuff like ActiveX or JScript). That link I gave (Official Microsoft support link) gives at least 5 different methods to try in order to fix the issue, and I doubt you have tried one.
  13. It is way too early to even think of adding boss summon scrolls. The server will become over flooded with uniques. Enjoy the simplicity of goblin armor chitin pk for now. No need to rush it.
  14. People keep complaining about the 70 quest monsters and its getting rather annoying. The respawn times are perfectly fine. There are over 500 players who actively play every day and are lv 70 (This is an understatement btw, I know there is more). You think getting the Lv 70 monsters will be easy? If you want it badly, camp it like other players.
  15. Quit party yes, but dying and looting is what we are talking about... I don't remember if USKO supports that since I haven't played it in a while, but almost every server (From Apexko to HellsreapersKO) doesn't allow looting while dead or looting items after respawning.
  16. Many (I do think USKO allows it though) servers don't allow looting after death. Even if you were able to loot in the servers that allow it, if you were next in line to receive the drop and was dead, you would be skipped and the loot would go to the next party member. It has always been like that.
  17. When the duke was dying, you died also. You clicked the box after or during your death. You aren't supposed to be able to loot after you die. Its ko 101.
  18. When you are TPed near that castle, you can sometimes be teleported either on top of the castle or inside of it.
  19. Relatively common. An hour or so, you will see about 10-20 defense armors and shields in my experience at CZ Apos and Trolls.
  20. Try following the steps found on this website to try and fix the script error issue. (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/308260/how-to-troubleshoot-script-errors-in-internet-explorer)
  21. That would actually oppose the idea of the scoreboard as there are already a means to see how many are in CZ via the website. The idea is good, don't get me wrong, but I don't see the implementation of a CZ scoreboard being a good move for this kind of server.
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