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  1. So where's your explanation, you amateur? @nikos32
  2. I just can not believe that delay Why no1 can't log in to the database and overwrite my status from 0 to 1 or 2 or i dont know which number is unbaned, but why just only Nikos? Then there's the question why other GMs have authority to ban (even if they do not have enough experience) it's not very professional at ProfessionalKO. Sry but the gm who gave me the ban was very amateur, how he can did it without explanation....? To make it easier for you there is list of items from TREN: Shell set +7 Dual RoCs Opal E Warrior Earning 2K Scroll and 350deff maybe any other shitty items im not sure. (It ll be easier if i can check into my inn hostess) And I will require 12k NPs for every day because I do so on average. Ty ProKO team Takashi
  3. Hello, Why i got BAN? I've banned almost 1day without reason?! I did nothing bad! I see TREN on ban list also, he just gave me his items for free, coz he want to leave server and in +-1,5h later i got ban. ? Idk what he want from you guys, but i did nothing bad! Unban me pls! This is our conversation on telegram. I did nothing bad unban my ip pls. Its not fair, im fair player, no cheater, scammer or any fkin stoler! Its very sad Unban me i did nothing bad... https://imgup.cz/image/LZTM https://imgup.cz/image/LZTT