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ProfessionalKO Guide 2015 (Credits: biatchhh)

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Hello every1, i wanna help new comers cause iv play here alotalot! ITS BEST MYKO based server
This guide is for from start, and till your ready for PK! At all i recomended for u to read rules first of all!
Link : http://forums.professionalko.com/index.php?/topic/55-en-game-rules/


Start is start, u have to gain lvl 20+ at Moradon. There very active buy/sell system ingame so loot everything that can be useful for any class/quest.ProfessionalKO has special scrolls NPC, get your buffs from there!
Recomended mobs for exp: Worms,bulcans,gavolts,werewolfs(Family)


After LVL 20+ - 50+ You can go your home town and exp at lycans,dire wolfs(they drop buses). You can move goblins for armors or any higher mobs,Even abyss may be good
Recomended mobs for exp: Lycans,hobgoblins,saber tooths,skeletons(Family)


Best place for exping is Colony Zone! At 50+ - 72 U may enter there! ProfessionalKO have special exp quest pieces (Apostle,Troll,Golem,Harpy pieces) 1x piece gives 500k exp points! Exp pieces exchange is simple at your home towns.Also in cz is good way for bus farm like Cardinals, they drop also yewels(10x = 1m coins) change them at your home towns (Bellua,Asga) Or kill Harungas they drop buses also.And oh many mobs drop medal of courage(for red/black chitin), you need 50x for gaunts or boots or helmet and 75x for pads or pauldron. All around Colony zone towers are spawning Cavalery whats droping red and black chitins!
Recomended mobs for exp: Cardinals,Apostles,Trolls


Drops starts like it was in myko,after all it have made easier for new comers.. full drop list is here : DROP LIST
You can find everything you need from droplist.Dark mares are really hot here and drop trinas and valkyries now!
And Titans are droping exceptional weapons,blue chest and Darkness weapons!
Theres BF mobs added also(Egos,Gluttons) they drop fragments and you can open them at Moradon Chatoic generator,Gluttons(on pic)

Recomended mobs for farm: BF mobs,Dark mares, Isiloon servants(hell abyss), Titans

Scheduled Events: http://forums.professionalko.com/index.php?/topic/160-scheduled-events/

There many special events that runs ingame sometimes, like christams event,easter event,kill the gm events and much more!
Also Key event : http://forums.professionalko.com/index.php?/topic/75-key-event-how-it-works/

STEP 6 (Quests and more Info)

For any game quest like master/70 quest i recomend you to open Q window ingame near your HP bar.
There special quests like geting FT necklace and belt (5x FT coupon) there alot of choises with quests(valkyrie,red,black armors,FT weapons,darkness weapons and much more

What bf frags can drop? - helenid crossbow, sherion, lugias, avedon, foverin, flame, ring, imir ring, shio tears, syphioric shield, hell blood garp elysium, holy animor
Defence armors drop? - Harpy/Deru/Troll/Golem families.
Upgrade rates? - http://forums.professionalko.com/index.php?/topic/72-upgrade-rates-credits-sinstein/

Still making it so yeah.. all good tips and ideas are welcome

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