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How to create exclusion on ProfesionalKO EXE (Credits: ::WwW::)

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To create an exclusion for Knight Onlie exe or whole folder:

1.Open the main application window.
2.In the upper right corner of the main application window, click Settings.


3. In the left frame of the Settings window, go to the Additional Settings tab.
4. In the left frame of the Settings window, select Threats and Exclusions.
5. In the right frame of the Settings window, click Settings in the Exclusions section


6. In the Trusted zone window, go to the Exclusion rules tab.
Click Add.

7. Click Add.


8. In the Exclusion rule window, specify the rule properties:
.Threats type


9. Click the Select object link under Rule description.
10. In the Object name window, click Browse and select the file for which you are creating the rule. Select the folder with the file or type the full path to the file.
11. Select the option Include subfolders if the rule is created for more than one file.
12. In the Object name window, click OK.


13. If you have selected Threats type, then next to the Threat type option click the enter threat name link, if you want to exclude a threat type.
14. In the Threat type window, enter the classification type according to the Virus encyclopedia.
15. In the Threat type window, click OK.
16.In the lower part of the Exclusion rule window next to Protection components, click Any > Select components.
17. In the Protection Components window, define the components for which the exclusion rule will be applied.
18. |Click OK.


19. In the Exclusion rule window, click OK.
20. In the Trusted Zone window, you can find the description of the created rule. Click OK.
21. In the lower right corner of the Settings window, click OK.
22. Close the main application window.

You have to select KnightOnline exe the Anti virus will detect as a false positive trojan.
or even you can select the whol folder  ProfesionalKO and you're done problem solved.

PD.Before do an exclusion  a file you have to Turn off the Anti Virus then after you exclude the file you can switch on it again.
I will add more antivirus Guide soon.

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