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In the previous server Elemental damage was 30 in +0 ring and 45 in +1 ring, currently only 15 Elemental damage so almost no action as many new items have arrived, most items have too much resistance like fri ice lr so You need to make a fix because Elemental Damage gives players a different enjoyment in profko.   @nikos32 

and +1 better position the bdw ring than the ROF so the ego farm doesn't end.

(It might be better if you can do a 5% drop rate within the fragment rings.)

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On 9/6/2021 at 8:43 PM, MrCalaMiTY said:

Warriors again spamming 1200 no ty

a warrior hits 1000 damage, rings 30+30 this is 1060 which is not very high.

should upgrade it a bit for players to enjoy it more.

because the most enjoyable event of prof is elemental damage.

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hey @nikos32 i suggest something to fix elemental damage exactly, if you set all of them to +0 20 damage and +1 30 damage, the result will be straight logic
example: fragmet ring +1 better than bdw ring +0
better than bdw ring +1 rof +0
and then rof +1 will be positioned as the best because i say this not to finish the farm because if rof crushes all the items then as a big advantage for the looters on the server, only the felankor ring and then I'm the strongest this person will say. I'm helping you to fix it completely.

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