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thieves & hırsızlar


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9 minutes ago, Wasabi said:

@elProfessorThere is a difference between age and maturity. Don't talk to me with the information you get from the person called Timur.

I threw everyone with my own hands cause these people didn't have that maturity.

its another guy who told me he was in the previous clan with you if im not mistaken but I dont want to involve him in your drama its ok man lets finish with this have fun cyu in game

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Just now, Wasabi said:

@elProfessorWhy don't you see your own injustice? That's my last question.

we played together with you for a month.Why didn't the things you say exist then? a simple question

we let you take ultima and everything we played so fair with you but because of your ignorance you also cheated and entered when we were supposed to go in ... I dont want to discuss old things @Wasabiits boring making drama lets stop talking please its better

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15 minutes ago, Shagala said:


Professor is the best mage on the server and he's the king of drama.

Mess with the best die in pk like the rest.

Have a nice day,


Shagalabagala welcome back to here. Good to see you again mate.

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