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  Just a reminder after all this trashtalk and provoking us 8vs8 this is the result .... you can clearly see we have a good amount of item difference also ...This is not the whole video its just a raw cut to remind to these noobs that they are bad.. If you want to count the kills and stuff like that I can upload the whole vs video uncut so you can see and count the kills and the whole gameplay ... Have fun !

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2 hours ago, Wasabi said:


We'll soon remind you of the days when you were devastated by running away.


you are the best Trashabi ❤️  


2 hours ago, Wasabi said:

Thank you for filming the deaths of the people in your party noobs 

Probably you dont know how to read english its normal for animals like you read below the video I said its not the whole its just a reminder and it seems it burns you ... I can upload the whole vs video for you to see who won again beause maybe you still think you won this vs also hahahahahaha what you have is Paranoia get some help ...and you see how good of a guy I am .. I put the parts when my party dies because I have nothing to proove ... you know we are better than you and we will be 


PS: In the last couple of minutes of the vs you can see im playing without HP pots :D:D:D 

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