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Malaysia LAG / delay (2-3 sec) this few week

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20 hours ago, nikos32 said:

It should be ok now, if not just let me know.

I tried again since morning until now, still not ok.. me and my friend also facing same problem like always recently. Not only FT, even solo farming also same. I have to mention first not my internet problem, im using high speed internet and doing multiple job in my pc, and they all works fine. We have extremely high speed internet service in Malaysia. Please help us, thanks <333 

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Many malaysia country player face this problem (info from i asked some malaysian players see if they lag/delay) , for me usually server time 17:00 will delay until i wake up server time 07:00 will be smooth ( sometimes still delay ) , in the afternoon will be sometime smooth sometimes delay. This happened everyday. I think shouldn't be our problem , please check Thank You! @nikos32  please do let us know if you need use online at what time or day to tag with you :D , Thank you!

I'm using 500mbps fibre optic internet speed. 
I'm using window 10 64bit , GTX3080 , i9-10900kf , 64gb ram. 
( not trying to show off , but just trying to give more info so we can fix the problem ) 

those want to flame u can start now :D im ready for it ~

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@nikos32 The lags are very bad for MY players and it's been like this everyday for almost 5 days now. Please check.

On 2/22/2021 at 9:13 PM, Sky said:

step 1 go to u pc
step 2 look u pc
step 3 burn u pc
step 4 cry all day
step 5 go buy new pc
step 6 be happy

@nikos32 someone is creating drama/insults!!

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