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@GM_Thanos Are you saying that each time we farm or PK we have to log 3-4 characters just to see what our other character is doing or parked???

I dont play here often now but what I have noticed, there is alot of new nonsense  bug, at 1 second i see my warrior at entrance of castle and when i look from my Assasin, my same warrior is nearby the monument. If the admin cant fix the problem then stop banning people for NOOOO FUCKING REASON!

Either you fix the bug  properly or find a better reason to admit that you cant fix the bug... but either way stop banning people based on what you see because everyone see differently on their screen and honestly the current bug is really fuked up so do admit that.

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  • Turkish Moderators

Case has been investigated by me carefully, step by step.

If you do not have any wall hack application and stucked to a tree or an obstackle you are free to be attacked by another nation. So they can attack you. And both screens can see the same situation. I mean on own screen you are out of tree, on another's screen you are inside the tree? Nope, both screens show the same situation. Check:

This is from GM's screen: https://ibb.co/bmkgXQf

This is from Guide's screen: https://ibb.co/wgwBkq9

So, your proofs do not make sense indeed. Both screens show the same thing.

We both know how you went into tree and how you cannot be attacked. We both know how you abused this bug and used it for your advantage. We both know the truth. When you are stucked the tree you relogged and your mage respawned inside the tree. These screen shoots are after relog with Guide char:

This is from GM's screen: https://ibb.co/z2KQBKS (As you see, the char cannot be attacked.)

This is from Guide's screen: https://ibb.co/hKXHcbT (Both screens show the same, char is inside the tree in both screens.)

If you were really honest, you could walk out of the tree. But you choosed to abuse this bug, instead of telling us to be fixed. Maybe you would not say "Fix the bugs before you ban someone." You say "Fix the bugs" and you abuse it. You blame us not to fix the bugs, instead of blaming yourself for abusing bug. And when you are punished, you are crying and bringing all Malaysian population here to make a drama. But this way will not help you. Basicly, you abused and you got punished.

Meanwhile, I have video proof too. But I will share it only with Nikos. If he says: "Ok, you can share it to show them.", I will share it. If not, I will never share.

Topic is moved to Ban Appeal section. Case is closed until nikos reply.

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  • Administrators

From what I'm aware of, there are no bugs that needs fixing.

The only area where our rule "Abusing bugs (including speed/wall glitching) for individual or team advantage" doesn't apply, is the CZ's central castle (and... that's just temporary until we fully disable the possibility of users walking upstairs).

Also, there's a reason we've added anti-wallhack protection for all zones in our latest patch.


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